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About Nick Spencer . . . From Yoginis to Rockstars, Blues singers to cutting-edge technology companies. Nick Spencer is an independent thinker, rebel and visual designer who takes an illustrative and conceptual approach to solving visual ideas visually. From taxi driver to production artist, orderly to Art Director, the roles have been as diverse as the times we live in. Where the demand for flexibility and adaption to evolving communication technology and media distribution are as much a part of contemporary design as traditional skills in rendering ideas and organizing a workflow. From New York to DC and San Francisco to Shanghai. Nick Spencer has handled contracts from the left coast to the China seas, not just polishing his book but taking an adventure to see and learn more about the world. Though his ability to speak Chinese is “ma ma hu hu”, his digital savvy in negotiating the digital terrain in contemporary design is marked by projects ranging from special effects work in Tai Pei to interface design for digital scent technologies in San Francisco. "I believe business is personal." Every project is a unique partnership in a shared process aimed toward achieving an end that serves both our given talents and prosperity. That is why I see my clients as partners in vision, ready to participate in a success we both can share. Experience has taught me that an idea can only achieve its peak result when there is shared responsibility and feedback at all stages in the process. From rough to final, there needs to be a process to achieve a deeper level of communication between the parties involved in order to clarify their goals in addressing their target audience. In todays world, I believe that design communications is most effective if it takes a coordinated approach to the integration and distribution of all possible media venues. It is the combination of coordinated media strategies that will deliver the most effective avenue to getting your message out to your target audience.

Why Hire a Designer? . . . Simple. To create an integrated visual identity to strengthen your mission goals and clarify your message to your audience. My involvement with diverse multimedia projects have focused my abilities in understanding and producing print, multimedia and Internet content in both the academic and commercial sectors.

Nick Spencer is a educator and independent contractor for graphic design and new media development.