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DESIGN STRATEGIES AND SERVICES Nick Spencer Design developed graphic design and multimedia. We work the visuals to express your business, product or event. These solutions involve a process and pragmatic workflow to identify and define your message and vision to your audience. Our solutions focus on creating illustrative and narrative approaches to express your ideas and concepts. We look for the most effective media presentation as we focus on telling a story in a crafted and guided manner. This type of marketing collateral serves to be engaging and appealing. Our design business that focuses on the Internet will establish the design direction that best fit your target audience whether its a top to bottom approach, suspension, or pushpin. Nick Spencer Design constructs websites writing compliant code, to reach contemporary new media design solutionsand standards for "forward compatibility." This design strategy insures the "durability" of your online presence by eliminating deprecated presentational attributes used in early web production models to evolve with current standards set out by the Worldwide Web Consortium. This approach separate your core content from presentation allowing ease in reformatting when dealing with the evolution of information technologies as they change on the Internet. Other services provided by Nick Spencer Design are performed by Nick Nuclear Productions and SonicEye Studios. These two entities focus on developing motion graphics, soundtracks and multimedia content. Nick Nuclear Productions performs consulting, conceptual and project management functions for multimedia projects. SonicEye Studios is primarily a production and technical studio for creating multimedia content. SonicEye Studios currently is in production with "Electronica," a visual music project using free associative thinking in creating and fusing musical ideas and motion graphics. Nick Nuclear Productions is currently producing the "NOW Collaborative,"a performance project for improvisational music using social networking and web video technologies. Future projects include the "Psychonaut" project, which is currently in planning seeking grants and funding.

Nick Spencer is an desisigner, musician, educator and independent contractor for creative ventures, graphic design and new media development.